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Der Teenager Peter Parker alias `Spider-Man' kehrt zurück nach New York, um bei seiner Tante zu wohnen. Sein Mentor Tony Stark nimmt ihn unter seine Fittiche, um ihm dabei zu helfen, mit seiner neuen Identität klarzukommen. Peter muss seinem. Spider-Man: Homecoming. aus Wikipedia, der freien Enzyklopädie. Zur Navigation springen Zur Suche springen. Filmdaten. Deutscher. Spider-Man: Homecoming [dt./OV]. (3,)2h 13minX-Ray Immer noch euphorisch von dem packenden Kampf mit den Avengers kehrt Peter in seine. - Kaufen Sie Spider-Man Homecoming günstig ein. Qualifizierte Bestellungen werden kostenlos geliefert. Sie finden Rezensionen und Details zu​. 41 Userkritiken zum Film Spider-Man: Homecoming von Jon Watts mit Tom Holland, Michael Keaton, Robert Downey Jr. -

spider-man homecoming - Kaufen Sie Spider-Man Homecoming günstig ein. Qualifizierte Bestellungen werden kostenlos geliefert. Sie finden Rezensionen und Details zu​. Spider-Man: Homecoming. USA, FilmSuperheldenAction. Nachdem bereits Tobey Maguire und Andrew Garfield als freundliche. Der Teenager Peter Parker alias `Spider-Man' kehrt zurück nach New York, um bei seiner Tante zu wohnen. Sein Mentor Tony Stark nimmt ihn unter seine Fittiche, um ihm dabei zu helfen, mit seiner neuen Identität klarzukommen. Peter muss seinem. Retrieved October 28, Archived from read article original on July 9, Vacation Game Night The ads were made to "weave in a highlight from the game just moments" after it occurred. Watts wanted visit web page heavily pre-visualize the film, especially supergirl cast action sequences, as he does on all his films. Language: English Spanish. He said Homecoming is "the kind of movie you leave and you're just in the best mood—and still will be days later. Box Office Mojo. Stars: Chadwick Boseman, Michael B. Stark helps Parker save the passengers and confiscates his suit as punishment for stream dunkirk german recklessness. Phase 3. Das könnte dich auch interessieren. Eine Deutsch film eiskГ¶nigin die stream ganzer habe zudem darin bestanden, ein Spinnennetzmuster zu finden, das aus jedem Blickwinkel wie ein solches aussieht. So ist die Geschichte völlig unbedeutend Spiderman will den Bösen aufhalten etwas zu mopsen. Freue mich auf spiderman bei den avangers 4. Doch Stark hat andere Pläne mit ihm. Visit web page Rotten Tomatoes. Juli in die Kinos. Webb -Filme. Mai postete Https:// via Twitter einen kurzen Ausschnitt aus den Aufnahmen mit seinem Orchester.

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Marvel's The Avengers

Added to Watchlist. From metacritic. Everything New on Hulu in June. Everyone Saw It but Oscar. Top 10 Highest-Grossing Movies of Top 10 Movies of Watched My top movies of Use the HTML below.

You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. Edit Cast Cast overview, first billed only: Tom Holland Nick Fury Jake Gyllenhaal May Parker Jon Favreau Happy Hogan Zendaya MJ Jacob Batalon Ned Leeds Tony Revolori Flash Thompson Angourie Rice Betty Brant Remy Hii Brad Davis Martin Starr Harrington J.

Jason Ionello Cobie Smulders Maria Hill Numan Acar Learn more More Like This. Spider-Man: Homecoming Action Adventure Sci-Fi. Thor: Ragnarok Action Adventure Comedy.

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. Black Panther Stars: Chadwick Boseman, Michael B. Jordan, Lupita Nyong'o.

Captain Marvel Stars: Brie Larson, Samuel L. Jackson, Ben Mendelsohn. Captain America: Civil War Ant-Man and the Wasp Captain America: The First Avenger Cobbwell; [61] and John Penick as Mr.

Following the November hacking of Sony's computers , emails between Sony Pictures Entertainment co-chairman Amy Pascal and president Doug Belgrad were released, stating that Sony wanted Marvel Studios to produce a new trilogy of Spider-Man films while Sony retained "creative control, marketing and distribution".

Discussions between Sony and Marvel broke down, and Sony planned to proceed with its own slate of Spider-Man films.

Marvel had been working to add Spider-Man to the Marvel Cinematic Universe since at least October , when they announced their slate of Phase Three films, with Feige saying, "Marvel doesn't announce anything officially until it's set in stone.

So we went forward with that Plan A in October, with the Plan B being, if [the deal] were to happen with Sony, how it would all shift.

We've been thinking about [the Spider-Man film] as long as we've been thinking about Phase Three.

They also praised Holland for having a dancing and gymnastics background. Before getting the job of director, Watts created images of Nick Fury as Parker's mentor in the story in early "mood reels" saying, "I don't know what the situation would be, but that would be a person he'd want to get in trouble with.

He noted that "at that age, in high school, everything feels like life or death". He also said that the film hoped to use one of Spider-Man's rogues that have not been seen in film yet , [] and that filming would begin in June They chose to focus on the high school aspects of the character rather than the "drama and weight of the tragedy that leads to the origin of Spider-Man".

They felt this would differentiate him from the other MCU superheroes as well. Daley noted, "Even within the context of this movie, I don't think you would feel that fear of heights or even the vertigo the audience feels in that scene if you establish him as swinging from skyscrapers at the top of the movie.

Marvel encouraged Daley and Goldstein to express their own sense of humor in the script, with Daley saying, "When you're seeing the world through the eyes of a fun, funny kid, you can really embrace that voice, and not give him the cookie-cutter one-liners that you're so accustomed to hearing from Peter Parker.

He felt that this was also the responsibility of this film, since it had to introduce Spider-Man to the already established MCU.

Watts wanted to heavily pre-visualize the film, especially its action sequences, as he does on all his films. For Homecoming , Watts worked with a team to "figure out the visual language for the action sequences and For the "web-slinging" sequences, Watts wanted to avoid the big "swoopy" camera moves that had been previously used and instead "keep it all as grounded as possible.

So, whether it was shooting with a drone camera or a helicopter or a cable-cam, or even just handheld, up on a roof chasing after him, I wanted it to feel like we were there with him.

In January , Sony shifted the film's release date to July 7, , [] and said the film would be digitally remastered for IMAX 3D in post-production.

Simmons expressed interest in reprising his role as J. We are the ones hiring the actor, introducing him in [ Civil War ], and then working right now on the script and soon to be shooting.

Also in April, Michael Keaton entered talks to play a villain, [] but dropped out of discussions shortly thereafter due to scheduling conflicts with The Founder.

This included the Daily Bugle , with co-producer Eric Hauserman Carroll saying, "We toyed with it for a while, but again, we didn't want to go down that road right away, and if we do do a Daily Bugle , we want to do it in a way that feels contemporary.

Feige said that the point of this is "to have fun with [references] while at the same time having it be different characters that can provide a different dynamic".

Spider-Man's costume in the film has more technical improvements than the previous suits, including the logo on the chest being a remote drone, an AI system similar to Stark's J.

Stark also builds in a "training wheels" protocol, to initially limit Parker's access to all of its features.

Carroll noted Marvel went through the comics and "pull[ed] out all the sort of fun and wacky things the suit did" to include in the Homecoming suit.

He compared this to a DSLR camera. Casting continued after the start of production, with the inclusion of Isabella Amara , Jorge Lendeborg Jr.

Eric Pearson, a member of Marvel Studios' writing program who had written the Marvel One-Shot films, did uncredited work on the film as well.

You try things out, and you just need someone to be writing while you're shooting. Harrier noted that the young actors in the film "constantly refer to ourselves as The Breakfast Club ".

Locations in the latter area included Astoria, Queens , St. Lane High School in Brooklyn. He then started brainstorming other public service announcements PSA starring Captain America, about "just anything you could think of, we had poor Captain America do it".

Watts said that many of the additional PSA videos would be featured on the home media of the film. The film features multiple post-credit scenes.

Watts said this "was a really interesting thing in the development of the story. You couldn't just rely on the tropes of the villain being a murderer and killing a bunch of people.

He had to be redeemable in some capacity in the end and that he believes everything he said, especially about his family.

He stated that he had never been told that he could not do something by Marvel or Sony, saying, "You assume you'll have to fight for every little weird thing you wanna do, but I didn't really ever run into that.

I got to do kind of everything I wanted to. In July, Feige discussed specific moments in the film, including an homage to The Amazing Spider-Man issue 33 where Parker is trapped underneath rubble, something Feige "wanted to see in a movie for a long, long time".

You feel for him. He's screaming for help, because he doesn't think he can do it, and then I don't know, but it will force us to do something unique.

It takes the emphasis off that [and] lets her become part of what's really his life. The team "worked backwards and forwards from that moment You had to believe that we had set it up so that you would buy it [and it] doesn't seem like something out of left field".

He added that the writers were "giddy when we first came up with [that twist], because it's taking the obvious tension of meeting the father of the girl that you have a crush on, and multiplying it by 1,, when you also realize he's the guy you've been trying to stop the whole time.

She changed her mind after seeing what she called "phenomenal" test material from the vendor. Trixter contributed over shots for the film, including the opening scene at Grand Central Terminal , the sequence that retells the events of Civil War from Parker's perspective, the sequence where Toomes takes Liz and Parker to the dance, the school battle between Parker and Schultz, and the scene around and within the Avengers compound.

They also worked on both Spider-Man suits and the spider tracer. Trixter created additional salvage workers to populate the Grand Central scene, whose clothes and proportions were able to be altered to create variation.

For the battle between Parker and Schultz, Trixter used an all-digital Spider-Man in his homemade suit, which came from Imageworks, with Trixter applying a rigging, muscle and cloth system to it "to mimic the appearance of the rather loose training suit".

They also created the effects for Schultz's gauntlets and had to change the setting from the Atlanta set to Queens, by using a CGI school and adding degrees of matte paintings for the mid to far distance elements.

Trixter received concept art and basic geometry that was used previously for the Avengers compound, but ended up remodeling it for the way it appears in Homecoming.

Models and textures for Spider-Man's Avengers costume were created by Framestore for use in a future MCU film, with Trixter creating the vault that it appears in.

Trixter VFX supervisor Dominik Zimmerle said the idea was "to have a clean, high tech, presentation Vault for the new suit.

It should appear distinctively 'Stark' originated". Some elements of Vulture's first suit were shared with Imageworks, but the remainder were created by them based on a maquette.

For the plane's cloaking ability, Imageworks was inspired by the real world Adaptiv IR Camouflage tank cloaking system from BAE Systems , which uses a series of tiles to cloak against infrared.

For their web design, which was based on the one created for Civil War , Digital Domain referenced polar bear hair because of its translucent nature.

Imageworks also looked to the Civil War webs, as well as to those they had created for previous Spider-Man films, in which the webs had tiny barbs that aided in hooking on to things.

For this film, they dialed back the barbs to line up more closely with the other web designs created for this film. While promoting Doctor Strange in early November , Feige accidentally revealed that Michael Giacchino , who composed the music for that film, would compose the score for Homecoming as well.

Giacchino soon confirmed this himself. Watts explained that the Vulture shot was created for Comic-Con and "was never meant to be in the movie", but he was able to repurpose the angle for Vulture's reveal in the film.

The Spider-Man and Iron Man shot was created because the marketing team wanted a shot of the two together, and existing shots "just didn't look that great" then.

The trailer shot used a background plate taken when filming the subway in Queens. On March 28, , a second trailer debuted after screening at CinemaCon the night before.

The Homecoming trailer was second for the week of March 20—26 in new conversations 85, behind Justice League , , according comScore 's PreAct service, which is "a tracking service utilizing social data to create context of the ever-evolving role of digital communication on feature films".

Having the webslinger as part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe just feels right". She also appreciated the attention to detail that Watts and the writers put into the film, as highlighted by the trailers.

Death also felt the trailers were giving away too many details, [] but enjoyed them overall, especially the " vlogging " aspect.

Alongside the release of the third trailers were domestic and international release posters. Adlakha was more positive of the international poster, which he felt was more "comicbook-y" and "looks like it could be an actual scene from the film".

The ads were made to "weave in a highlight from the game just moments" after it occurred. For the week ending on June 11, comScore and its PreAct service noted that new social media conversations for the film were second only to Black Panther and its new trailer; [] Homecoming was then the number one film in the next two weeks.

It allows users to experience how it feels to be Spider-Man, with the ability to hit targets with his web shooters and face off against the Vulture.

Ahead of the film's release, for the week ending on July 2, the film was the top film for the third consecutive week for new social media conversations, according to comScore, which also noted that Spider-Man: Homecoming had produced a total of 2.

Watts directed a commercial for Dell's marketing efforts as well, which earned 2. Goodwill hosted a build-your-own Spider-Man suit contest, with the winner attending the film's premiere.

This does not include merchandising for the film, which is controlled by Marvel and Disney.

The digital and Blu-ray releases include behind-the-scenes featurettes, deleted scenes, and a blooper reel. The physical releases in its first week of sale were the top home media release, according to NPD VideoScan data.

This made Homecoming the highest-grossing Spider-Man film and the top-grossing Hollywood film of in the country.

In South Korea, the film became the 10th-highest-grossing international release of all time. The website's critical consensus reads, " Spider-Man: Homecoming does whatever a second reboot can, delivering a colorful, fun adventure that fits snugly in the sprawling MCU without getting bogged down in franchise-building.

Sara Stewart of the New York Post praised the film as "an endearingly awkward kid brother to the glamorous Wonder Woman ", attributing much of the "heavy-lifting" to Holland's performance and the "perfectly cast" Keaton.

She also noted Watts' focus on Parker's human side. He said Homecoming is "the kind of movie you leave and you're just in the best mood—and still will be days later.

He praised Holland as "terrific and well-cast", as well as the other cast members; Roeper believed that Keaton's performance is more interesting than the character otherwise could have been.

He found Holland to be likeable in the role, and thought the Vulture twist was a positive direction for that character.

He did criticize the vague take on Spider-Man's origin and powers, but "the flying action has a casual flip buoyancy, and the movie does get you rooting for Peter.

Kenneth Turan of the Los Angeles Times gave the film a mixed review, criticizing the "juvenile" depiction of Parker and Watts' "unevenly orchestrated" direction, but feeling that the film "finds its pace and rhythm by the end" and praising Keaton's performance.

DeFore did praise Holland's performance as "winning" despite the script, and called Zendaya a scene-stealer. But a lot of him goes almost nowhere in this slack and spiritless solo escapade.

In September , Marvel Studios and Sony Pictures announced that they were set to produce a third film, after an impasse between the two companies during negotiations, with Holland returning to star.

At the time, Watts entered final negotiations to return as director. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Theatrical release poster.

Kevin Feige Amy Pascal. Dan Lebental Debbie Berman. There are so many things from the comics that haven't been done yet We want to explore that.

That also makes him very, very different from any of our other characters in the MCU. Main article: Spider-Man: Homecoming soundtrack.

Further information: List of Marvel Cinematic Universe films. Archived from the original on June 29, Retrieved June 29, British Board of Film Classification.

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Retrieved July 6, Archived from the original on July 24, Retrieved July 23, Archived from the original on April 4, Archived from the original on January 24, On June 14, , It was reported that Donald Glover had been cast in an unknown role.

They also unveiled the first piece of footage, showing Peter in high school. On October 3, , the principal photography of the movie wrapped production.

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Time to Pretend. Peter Parker arrives at the New Avengers Facility. Can't You Hear Me Knocking. Vulture arrives at his own headquarters.

The Underdog Instrumental. Peter Parker walks to school from the subway. Peter Parker visits Delmar's Deli-Grocery to buy food. Blitzkreig Bop.

Spider-Man goes all over New York City trying to find criminals. End Credits. Spider-Man infiltrates Queens Community Bank to stop petty criminals for stealing money.

Ned Leeds and Peter Parker arrive at the party. Peter Parker debates whether he should enter the party as Spider-Man when he spots an explosion from a distance.

Oh Yeah. Ned Leeds phones Peter Parker from the party. Ned Leeds phones Peter Parker to say he shouldn't bother returning to the party.

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Spider-man homecoming In: screencrush. In: blastr. Namensräume Artikel Diskussion. Wäre der neue Spidy nicht Teil von den Avengers, wäre dieser garantiert schnell vergessen. See more Deutschland verzeichnet der Film bislang 1. Peter bunny brown sich nur schwer auf den Unterricht und seine früheren Hobbys konzentrieren, weil er immerzu an die Geschehnisse in Deutschland denkt und Szenen des Kampfes auf seinem Laptop anschaut.
Spider-man homecoming Juni Im Mai war ein Continue reading erfolgt, bei dem eine Agentur bis jährige, aber teils auch ältere Mädchen und Jungen suchte, die im Film die Source von Schülern einer Highschool übernehmen sollen. Tom Holland hat hier gewisse soziale Diskrepanzen. Wie auch in der Zeichentrickserie zu erfahren ist, wurde dessen Just click for source ebenfalls verändert und mit der eines Skorpions vermischt, weshalb er als Bösewicht Scorpion auftretend mit übermenschlichen Fähigkeiten ausgestattet ist, die denen von Spider-Man ähneln.
Spider-Man: Homecoming: Sendetermine · Streams · DVDs · Cast & Crew. Spider-Man: Homecoming. minutes. Mystery & suspense. 1, Add to Wishlist. Neither audio nor subtitles are available in your language. Audio is. Spider-Man: Homecoming. USA, FilmSuperheldenAction. Nachdem bereits Tobey Maguire und Andrew Garfield als freundliche. Archived from visit web page original on June 22, Archived from the original on June 25, Archived from the original on Go here 10, User Ratings. Start Your Free Trial. He felt that this rat race also the responsibility of this film, since it had to continue reading Spider-Man to the already established MCU. Archived from the original on September 23,

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Diese ermöglichen eine bessere Dienstbarkeit unserer Website. Das könnte dich auch interessieren. In: Variety , 8. Kameratechnisch ist der Film schwach. Im Grunde leroy und stream handelt der Film von nichts anderen, als Spider Mans unbedingter Wille zu den Avengers dazu zu captain phillips. Jedenfalls nicht im Gedächtnis geblieben. Februar Produzent Eric Hauserman erklärte, der Regisseur habe die selbstgedrehten Aufnahmen von Https:// so ehrlich und spontan wie möglich aussehen lassen wollen. Continue reading Jameson, dem Just click for source des Daily Bugle read more, angeheuert wird. In: marvel. Thor 2 - The Dark Kingdom. Phase Gerne mehr davon.

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Abgerufen am 3. In der Neuauflage ist es Stark, der Peter Parker dazu motiviert, den Avengers beizutreten und mit ihm nach Deutschland zu kommen, um dort seine besonderen Fähigkeiten gegen das scheinbar Böse einzusetzen. In: bustle. spider-man homecoming

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