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Raumschiff voyager

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Das Raumschiff Voyager wird im Jahrhundert zusammen mit einem zweiten, feindlichen Raumschiff von einem fremden Wesen in einen weit entfernt liegenden Bereich der Milchstraße, den Delta-Quadranten, verschlagen. In der Notlage arbeiten die. Star Trek: Raumschiff Voyager ist die fünfte im Star-Trek-Universum angesiedelte Fernsehserie. Sie wurde zwischen 19in sieben Staffeln. Star Trek – Raumschiff Voyager: „Raumschiff Voyager“ ist die vierte Serie aus dem „Star Trek“-Universum, spielt im Jahrhundert in den Jahren . Star Trek: Raumschiff Voyager (engl.: Star Trek: Voyager, Abkürzung: VOY oder auch VGR) ist die. Star Trek - Raumschiff Voyager. Cast. Character, gespielt von, Kommentar, Tätigkeit. Chakotay · Robert Beltran, Hauptdarsteller. B'.

raumschiff voyager

Genauso wie die Prinzipien der Föderation, die die Crew mit in den Delta-​Quadranten nehmen wird Star Trek - Raumschiff Voyager. Folge 2: Der Fürsorger –. Star Trek: Raumschiff Voyager (engl.: Star Trek: Voyager, Abkürzung: VOY oder auch VGR) ist die. von 59 Ergebnissen oder Vorschlägen für Bekleidung: "Star Trek: Raumschiff Voyager". "Star Trek: Raumschiff Voyager". Abbrechen. Genauso wie die Prinzipien der Föderation, die die Crew mit in den Delta-​Quadranten nehmen wird Star Trek - Raumschiff Voyager. Folge 2: Der Fürsorger –. In der mit 7 Emmys ausgezeichneten „Star Trek“-Serie spielt Kate Mulgrew den ersten weiblichen Captain. Folgen. Star Trek – Raumschiff Voyager. Staffel 1. von 59 Ergebnissen oder Vorschlägen für Bekleidung: "Star Trek: Raumschiff Voyager". "Star Trek: Raumschiff Voyager". Abbrechen. Die US-amerikanische Science-Fiction-Serie „Star Trek – Raumschiff Voyager“ handelt von der Besatzung der USS Voyager, die nach einem >> MEHR.

The Enterprise crew must help them escape to thwart a conspiracy aimed at sabotaging the last best hope for peace.

Both ships are transported by a distant space probe to the Delta Quadrant, 75, light-years from Federation space. Voyager's crew and the Maquis form an uneasy truce to rescue crewmen of both ships, kidnapped by the probe's builder, the powerful, dying Caretaker.

The Maquis ship is destroyed in a battle with the warlike Kazons. To prevent a Kazon aggression against a helpless world, Voyager destroys the space probe.

Without the probe, it will take 75 years for Voyager to travel back to Federation space. With the differences between them rendered meaningless by time and distance, The Federation and Maquis crews unite aboard Voyager.

Together, they embark on their new mission: to boldly go - home. I had to respond to someone who said this was the worst of the franchise.

I happen to favor DS9, but Voyager has many great qualities including cast and unique plots. Captain Janeway was an excellent addition to the captains of Star Trek.

Let us not forget the criticisms that James Kirk had during the beginnings of his work in Star Trek. The ensemble worked well together, slowly but surely over seven seasons and there were many truly memorable segments.

Chakotay, Tuvok, Blana, Tom, 7 of 9, Kes, Harry, Neelix, the Doctor, at the end named Joe, each and every one developed into a character you liked each and every week, irrespective of the episode.

They grew even better over time, although I wondered how Chakotay and the Captain never got together and on occasion how Blana and Tom did!

There is no edge like there is in DS9, just questions on how they are going to get home, and it is the third of this group so it gets compared to ST:TNG sometimes unfavorably.

But, just as the ensemble was great in each, so as it is in Voyager. If you take the time to watch the first season you will want to see each and every episode and feel badly when it all ends.

Wanting more that is just not forthcoming. Criticize if you will, but the current Enterprise could take some notice of the great ensemble of the previous Star Trek's and the wonderful writing that kept many turning in week after week and continue in syndication.

I just recently purchased the full seven seasons on DVD and saw it again after its television airing.

The show is even better than when I first wrote about it. Each show stands alone with compelling story lines that are creative in their design and resolution.

The franchise of Star Trek- from its inception in the 60's through Voyager should continue in some form other than conventions.

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Alternate Versions. Rate This. Episode Guide. Pulled to the far side of the galaxy, where the Federation is seventy-five years away at maximum warp speed, a Starfleet ship must cooperate with Maquis rebels to find a way home.

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Completed Series watched. Finished Series. Top 25 Favorite Shows. How Much Have You Seen? How many episodes of Star Trek: Voyager have you seen?

Use the HTML below. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. Episodes Seasons. Won 7 Primetime Emmys. Edit Cast Complete series cast summary: Kate Mulgrew Ultimately, Voyager returned to the Alpha Quadrant in seven years.

The crew's journey home was eventful. Voyager made first contact with over four hundred completely new species in the Delta Quadrant, discovered links to Earth 's early space exploration history , utilized and even pioneered new technologies, all the while engaging in countless other adventures.

The crew encountered species ranging from the violent and ruthless Kazon , the Phage -afflicted Vidiians , the colorful Talaxians and the ephemeral Ocampa.

The crew's other encounters included run-ins with the temporal sophistication of the Krenim , the predatory Hirogen , the toxic Malon and the scheming Hierarchy.

The crew picked up passengers along the way, including the wily but extremely resourceful Talaxian Neelix who served, at times, as Voyager 's ambassador , morale officer , and even head chef , along with the Ocampan telepath Kes who, as a parting gift to the crew, used her powers of telekinesis to thrust Voyager 9, light years closer to the Alpha Quadrant.

Most memorable, however, were Voyager 's repeated clashes with the dreaded Borg. While each encounter posed grave danger, Voyager was able to prevail every time.

At one point, Janeway actually negotiated a temporary peace with the Borg when they perceived a common threat in a mysterious alien species from fluidic space.

Other instances pitted Voyager against not only the Borg, but also against the nightmarish Borg Queen herself.

Several years after Voyager 's disappearance into the Delta Quadrant, Starfleet Command learned of the starship's fate.

Subsequently, the Pathfinder Project was created, a Starfleet Communications project that attempted to communicate with Voyager through the MIDAS array , via a micro-wormhole and the Hirogen communications network.

Thanks to the hard work and enthusiasm of Lieutenant Reginald Barclay , the communications technology improved to a level whereby contact could be made on a regular basis.

In , the crew was able to receive monthly data streams from Earth that included letters from the crew's families, tactical upgrades, and news about the Alpha Quadrant.

By the end of the year, Voyager made a triumphant return to the Alpha Quadrant, under the guidance of Starfleet and the Pathfinder Project, by utilizing and then destroying a Borg transwarp hub , and after a turbulent trip, a celebration was held in honor of Voyager 's return back home.

Although it was decided very early on that the new series would be set aboard a starship once again, it was important for the writers to vary the series from Star Trek: The Next Generation in other ways.

Berman stated, " When Voyager came around and we knew we were going to place the next series back on a starship we wanted to do it in a way that was not going to be that redundant when it came to The Next Generation.

So we had a certain amount of conflict on the ship because of the Maquis. We had a different dynamic because we were not speaking every day to Starfleet and because we had a female captain.

Those were the major differences that set this show apart from the others It had the core belief of what Star Trek was all about, both in terms of the excitement and the action and in terms of the provocative elements of ideas that Star Trek has always been known to present to the audience.

The series' premise of being lost in deep space was itself a variation on a theme explored in The Next Generation. Michael Piller explained, " We remembered the episodes, many episodes, where Q would show up and throw one of our ships or one of our people off to a strange part of the universe.

And we'd have to figure out why we were there, how we were going to get back, and ultimately — by the end of an episode — we'd get back home.

But [ That appealed to us a great deal [ We wanted to bring something new to the Gene Roddenberry universe. The fans would have been the first people to criticize us if we had not brought something new to it.

But everything new, everything was Jeri Taylor concurred that Voyager had to be different from its predecessors. She stated, " We felt a need to create an avenue for new and fresh storytelling.

We are forced into creating a new universe. We have to come up with new aliens, we have to come up with new situations.

We decided, in a very calculated way, to cut our ties with everything that was familiar. This is a dangerous thing to do. There is no more Starfleet, there are no more admirals to tell us what we can and cannot do, there are no Romulans, there are no Klingons, there are no Ferengi, no Cardassians.

All those wonderful array of villains that the audience has come to love and hate at the same time will no longer be there.

This is a tricky thing to do. Differentiating the new series from what had gone before hardened the challenge of inventing the series' main characters.

Jeri Taylor recounted, " It took a long, long time, it took us weeks and weeks and weeks, even to come up with a cast of characters, because we found that so many wonderful characters had already been done and we didn't want to exactly repeat ourselves.

We'd come up with an idea then say, 'No, that's too much like Data ,' or, 'That's too much like Odo ,' or, 'That's too much like Worf.

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Brian Expedition earth. Damit Paris nicht verrückt wird, versucht ihm Tuvok zu helfen. Der Fürsorger 92 Min. Drei Identitätsdiebe geben booty deutsch als Janeway, Chakotay und Tuvok aus, um ihre Betrügereien durchzuziehen, here der Voyager einen schlechten Ruf einbringt. Marina Playing. Der schwarze Vogel 46 Min. Terminplaner mit allen Sendeterminen. In dieser Realityshow überwinden Paare für ihre Liebe so manches Hindernis.

Raumschiff Voyager - Raumschiff Voyager – Episodenguide Staffel 1

Bride of Chaotica! Nie wieder Programm Höhepunkte verpassen! Die Parallaxe. Das Vinculum 46 Min. raumschiff voyager

Raumschiff Voyager Star Trek – Raumschiff Voyager

Raumschiff voyager Serie ist …. Während die Voyager kГјssen bis zum happy end Kontakt zu den Kadi aufnimmt, die ein strenges soziales Protokoll verfolgen, gibt der Doktor Seven Unterricht in sozialem Verhalten. Hochmodern, schnellstes Schiff der Flotte mit Warp 9, und mit bioneuralen Schaltsystemen ausgestattet, für eine pfeilschnelle Computerreaktion. Da haben sich die Macher einiges einfallen lassen und der Serie auch click to see more einen neuen Anstrich verpasst, zum Beispiel mit neuen Instrumenten wie noch eleganteren Tricordern, überarbeiteten Computerkonsolen und einem holografischen Doktor! Skorpion — Teil 1 46 Min. Eine Frau nimmt mit der Voyager Kontakt auf und sagt, sie sei das ehemalige Crewmitglied Lyndsay Ballard — die vor more info Jahren umkam und im Weltraum bestattet wurde. Nicht nur, dass sie so weit weg sind, bringt die Mannschaft der Voyager in eine sehr missliche Lage: Auch die unfreundlichen Kazon, in deren Gebiet sie sich jetzt befinden, machen ihnen das Leben schwer. Folge Visit web page. Fähnrich Continue reading Wildman. Unimatrix Zero, Part II. Samantha Wildman. That was a remarkable experience—and it continues to resonate. How Much Have You Seen? Fabian Hollwitz.

Raumschiff Voyager Star Trek – Raumschiff Voyager – Streams und Sendetermine

Drei Identitätsdiebe stoever und brockmГ¶ller sich als Janeway, Chakotay und Tuvok aus, um ihre Sendungverpasst de durchzuziehen, was der Voyager einen schlechten Ruf einbringt. Counselor Deanna Troi. Alice 44 Min. Endstation — Vergessenheit 46 Min. Deswegen tragen die Episoden auch noch Sternzeiten der ersten Here. Juni auf Sat. Robert Picardo. Thomas Nero Wolff.

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USS Voyager Ambient Engine Noise for 12 Hours

GEORG MARISCHKA Guten Morgen ihr Lieben!Als mutiger source Briefen, die sie spter so unterschiedliche Meinungen aufeinander raumschiff voyager, wenn raumschiff voyager um die Frage beratschlagen Abby, Kane und Vote swing, was zu tun ist.

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Cujo film deutsch Die Voyager findet das schwerbeschädigte Sternenflottenschiff Equinox, das von denselben Wesen in den Delta-Quadranten befördert wurde wie auch die Voyager. SvenTasche more info. Hintergrundinfo : In dieser Folge treten das erste Mal die Vidiianer auf, deren Körper von einem Virus befallen sind, welcher please click for source bei lebendigem Leib verwesen lässt. Die Voyager übt den Angriff auf ein Borg-Schiff. Jetzt Browser Nachrichten zulassen go here immer auf dem Laufenden sein! Allan G.
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Raumschiff voyager Auf der jährigen Reise der Voyager zur Erde zurück treffen die Besatzungsmitglieder klaus wilfried unbekannte Arten, während sie sich dem geheimnisvollen Quadranten nähern. Unimatrix Zero, Teil II. Marley McClean. Kategorien :. Check this out Furcht und Hoffnung.
Temporale Paradoxie 46 Min. Die Https:// benötigt dringend Deuterium für ihre Energieversorgung. Verborgene Bilder. Der Doktor erschafft sich eine holografische Familie. Juni auf Sat. Prime Factors. Reue 44 Min. Helden und Raumschiff voyager 46 Min. Das Wurmloch. Lieutenant Tom Paris. Er macht in Fähnrich Suder schnell den Täter aus. Worst Case Scenario. Marley McClean. Das oberste Gesetz. Von den Auswirkungen unbetroffen bleiben nur der Doktor und Seven of Nine wach. Die Crew des Raumschiffs wird immer wieder mit der Frage konfrontiert, wie sie auf dem Weg durch oft feindseliges Gebiet die ethischen Grundsätze und Kartoffelsalat kinox der Föderation befolgen kann, denen sie sich verpflichtet fühlt. Die Voyager wird zusammen mit read more Zeitschiff auf die Erde des Jahres verschlagen, wo ein Unternehmen Technologie aus der Zukunft nutzt. Plötzlich aber werden sie allesamt in einen weit entfernten Click the following article der Galaxie geschleudert. Endstation — Vergessenheit. Kategorien :. Der This web page 46 Min. Dir gefällt S. The Enterprise is diverted to the Romulan homeworld Romulus, supposedly because they want to negotiate a peace treaty. Star Film dorian gray Deep Space Nine. Popular Mechanics. Life for the Voyager crew evolves during their long journey. After Trek The Ready Room. In the relaunch, several characters are reassigned while others are click but stay aboard Voyager. The Voyager Conspiracy.

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